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Potential Activities

We invite you to encourage students to take a picture in their residential area and upload it to the Shared Gallery.

No description is required, only if you feel like it.  

Ask the students to browse this site and comment on a photo they find interesting. They may try to guess the underlying message of the photographer, her/his point of view, etc. The commentator's own opinion, feeling, and insight are welcomed as well. 

Teachers may then encourage a discussion in class. 

International outreach

This venture is mostly about expanding our horizons through the eyes of our students. We hope that teachers from different countries will choose to collaborate on this platform using their own original pedagogy and share their enthusiasm with fellow teachers from around the globe. 

Please note:

1. We are teachers with no commercial interest. We hold no details on our members and wish to sell nothing.


2. All comments and photos will be seen only inside the members-only area. 

3. We aim to create a safe enriching environment. Please notify us if any breach occurs (you may find the admin inside the members-only area). We will promptly delete any offensive content and permanently block the perpetrator.   

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